Bank Reconciliation

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  • Teacher: Skyler W Fairchild, CPA
  • Released: 2018-11-18 21:32:23
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Bank Reconciliation:


Do you know how to properly reconcile your bank account?

It all about timing.

What does the bank know about that you don't?

What do you know about the bank doesn't?

Let's reconcile the two!

Bank Reconciliation.



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Skyler W Fairchild, CPA

Skyler is a
- Partner with Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A - a Chartered CPA firm.
- Officer, Director, and Trustee with SS&C Solutions, Inc. - An employee owned business solutions company.
- and offices in Shawnee (Kansas City Metro).

Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A.
SS&C Solutions, Inc.
7225 Renner Rd.; Suite 110
Shawnee, KS  66217
phone: 913-491-4484

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